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Are you considering Europe as your next career move?

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In recent years, Europe has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for international students who wish to secure a future in  Europe. We help you to find, manage and secure a place for your future educational plan in European countries offering a large number of courses and universities.

Also, we are committed to working in Europe for supplying Asian workers. Every year the number of employment of foreigners in Europe has increased rapidly. And we make it easy for European enterprises by promoting workers from Asia.


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Study & Work in Europe!
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We have been counseling workers for Europe, students for European universities & colleges, and professionals of diverse fields to meet their visa & immigration needs.

With a community of thousands of users (and a majority age group
being 18 to 49), wouldn’t you want to make sure who you choose when it
comes to visa and immigration consulting services?

Educational Counselling 91%
Immigration Counselling (visit/employment) 86%

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Service We Provide.

International student recruitment

We are a certified, professional educational consultancy operating from Nepal recruiting more than 300 students in European universities every year with a good track record of student recruitment for the last 4 years.


We are a professional service firm with years of service experience that provides expert advice regarding visas, careers, and education in Europe. Our consulting services are carried out by our experts with experience in a similar field that aims to yield the best result.


HR plays a key role in helping companies deal with a fast-changing business environment and a greater demand for quality employees in the 21st century. As HR Services we carry out finding, recruiting, and administering employee-benefit programs.


Individuals planning to work in Poland will need a Polish employer to apply for a work permit on their behalf. We help employees to find the best employers which will benefit both parties. We also help our workers in securing a TRC for a longer period of employment.

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With a team of experts, trained and experienced in providing candidates with a variety of consulting and personal services, we specialize in connecting talent with top employers.

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Educational counselling

Understanding the increasing number of students wishing to pursue educational careers in different fields in  Europe from Nepal we carry out expert counseling services so as to meet and admit students to attain their educational goals. Our educational counseling service is focused for students from Nepal.

Employee Search

Employee search is a highly challenging procedure. We search for workers matching a prospective employee’s qualifications to the activities they are expected to perform in the future. We carry out search activities using different tools in a professional way. These services are oriented to polish enterprises only.

Permanent Recruitment

We carry out different series of activities before we recruitment. Then the interviews can be conducted to examine the qualities and experience in the candidate to offer the best to our client. We believe in the concept of the right people in right place at right time. This service is oriented to Polish enterprises only.

Outsourcing & Payroll

Abide group’s services are not only limited to recruitment, we carry out effective payroll and outsourcing services too. We offer outstanding payroll and outsourcing service that reduces risks and makes the clients and workers satisfied. These services are also performed only for polish clients.

Sectors We recruit