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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting services

We are a professional service firm with years of service experience that provides expert advice for a fee regarding visas, careers, and education in Poland. Our consulting services are carried out by an expert with experience in a similar field that aims to yield the best result. Our consulting services in Poland include:

Visa Counseling
Visa counseling is the most important component while applying for visas. This includes an explanation of the visa application process from the beginning to the end. Experts suggest and guide about visa type, where to apply, when to apply, which visa type to apply, how to lodge an application, what documents are needed, and so on. Our counseling services regarding visa remains at top advice praised by the candidates.
We also provide counseling on the application of temporary residence permits and permanent residence permits of foreigners in the Republic of Poland.

Career Counseling
Our career counselors are trained to help people with their career choices. Whether the person is new to the working world, or simply desires a change of profession, a career counselor will be able to guide them in the best possible direction.
A thorough history of client employment, education, skills, personality, and interests is necessary to ensure the best possible result, all of which is gained through the thorough interviewing process of the clients. The information is then applied in suggesting post-secondary education options, or in job searches using all available technology and resources.

Education & Student Counseling
Our Educational Consultant’s team comprises experts who help parents/students and organizations with educational planning. Our team can proactively identify and respond to the needs of students and/or educational institutions, gather & disseminate, and share best practices.
We offer a diverse skillset that allows them to work with teachers, administrators, and parents at all education levels. Our team is detail-oriented and well-organized with superb written and oral communication skills. Our consultants are experienced presenters who can tailor their message to any audience. We offer solutions and connect with students, teachers, and schools to increase chances for student success.

Application processing services

Visa application processing is quite challenging and the most important function which we carry out invest specific way and it includes various stages where we treat or prepare documents using our professionals in a scientific way using well-defined methodologies. Every application and documents will comply with the rule of GDPR and RODO which is being introduced by the European Union regarding the safety of the data.

Identifying and Defining The Documents
In the first stage, we define the document and collect them in order. The collected documents will be granted access by the applicant for processing with written consent from the person. We analyze the document, figure out the mistakes, and recommend amendments if necessary. We also verify if the documents are enough for visa processing or not. We do not create documents by our self but we work on legitimate documents provided by the applicant.

Management and Document Processing
Document management also plays a crucial role during the whole application process. In this stage, we make changes if needed and keep them for further processing. This assures that the whole file is ready and is being submitted to respective government offices or embassy for the visa interview. We rule out and give guidelines to each applicant to make sure that they and the document submission has fulfilled the defined criteria and we also perform compliance operations.

Storage and Dispatch
We manage and archive documentation related to o activities and decisions following standard rules to ensure that we are always able to make this documentation available. Furthermore, an expert group meets regularly to coordinate and advise us on matters relating to its archives. We also dispatch documents to concerned parties timely after they have been processed and the result is already in hand. The document storage function fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation rules.