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    Years of experience
    Int'l student recruitment & HR services

    We've been counseling students for European universities and workers for Polish enterprises.

    Abide Group is a certified agency that is registered in Polish court under the law of the Republic of Poland with KRS 0000681441, NIP 7010698158, and REGON 36747506100000.HR services by Abidegroup are operated only inside the Polish territory.

    Abide Group Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a sister company operating under Abide Group with its headquarter in Nepal providing educational counseling and recruitment services for students who wish to attain European Universities for Educational degrees.


    Since 2017 we have
    processed more than 27000 applications

    We work on fulfilling the applicant’s demands by providing different services. We offer our applicants & clients a wide range of employee leasing services and direct delivery services. We work on meeting the needs of the current labor market by building valuable and long-lasting relationships between all the parties. We promote workers from Asia for Polish enterprises.

    We have been providing Int’l students recruitment services for European countries from Nepal. We have partnered with more than 40 universities and recruited more than 500+ students in different European institutions since the commencement of our business.

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    Secure, retain and align workers to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

    Supply quality and innovative work force to our clients.

    Assure satisfaction of our clients and employees to build long-term cooperation  and strong relationship.


    Abide Group cooperates with most of the recruitment agencies from Asia and Polish enterprises to find and recruit potential candidates.

    Abide Group Nepal cooperates and processes a large number of applications of Nepalese students from entire Nepal for their placement in universities and colleges.

    Mission & Vision

    Comprehending the current labor market allows us to successfully provide full and partial support and the best selection of candidates for employment in diverse sectors of the economy.

    Similarly, we aim to have the same mission on recruitment of Int’l students in European Universities.

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