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January 20, 2021

Nearly 200 thousand people in 2020 changed jobs. These industries were chosen most often

IT specialists, development and business managers, business analysts, psychologists, legal counsels – these are the employees who gained the most on the Polish labor market last year. The research by Devire, which together with Kodilla.com analyzed the profiles of almost 200 thousand. specialists, it appears that many of them there from completely different professions.

Out of almost 200,000 people who decided to change the company or industry in 2020, the most important attention of the candidates was IT-related positions.

Growth was also recorded in other sectors. In the case of development and business managers, 5,092 new specialists were added (7% increase), and the group of business analysts increased by 4,322 specialists (6% increase).

There are also no declines in the HR industry (4,457 people and a 3% increase), which means that recruitment on the labor market is ongoing.

The analysis carried out by Devire at the request of Kodilla.com in the second half of December 2020 showed in which industries there were the highest employee turnover – which experts decided to change the company, specialize or re-branch, and in which new competitions they started.

The analysis also shows for whom last year there were the most job offers, which cities were most willingly selected by employees, and in which there were fewer specialists.

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– We conducted the survey on a group of 2,876,265 employees registered on Linkedin. Among them, we selected 193 896 people who declared a change of job within the last year. Based on the analysis of their professional career, we not only estimated the most and least attractive job sectors for employees, but also prepared a forecast assessing the condition of individual sectors of the economy in 2021 – says Paulina Kubera, labor market and recruitment expert IT at Devire.

The most work in 2020 was in IT

As emphasized by Magdalena Rogóż, an IT market expert from the Kodilla.com programming school, among the industries that offered the most jobs in 2020, the sector related to new technologies was dominant.

– Previous forecasts that the IT industry will not only remain stable, but will continue to develop strongly, have been confirmed. In 2020, such an impulse was the increased demand for software related to the mass transition of business to the online zone – says the Kodilla.com expert.


Source  : https://www.pulshr.pl/rekrutacja/blisko-200-tys-osob-w-2020-r-zmienilo-prace-te-branze-wybierano-najczesciej,78992.html

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